In line with the sustainable supply approach, our suppliers/solution partners; • Having Quality Assurance Management Systems, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, internationally accepted environmental and sustainability ethics/certificates, • It has no harmful effects on the environment in production and supply and complies with environmental legislation, •Sources; It uses/consumes appropriately, without harming natural life or the ecosystem, and complies with hunting bans, • It works to minimize and manage its wastes correctly, and offers less packaging or bulk packaging alternatives in its product packaging, • Environmentally friendly, economical, local, attaches importance to ethical values, uses recyclable or recycled materials, organic, bio, vegan, not tested on animals, does not contain harmful chemical components, etc. to offer alternatives, • Being a domestic and local production/service provider, • It is a product/service that reflects/promotes the cuisine, traditions and culture of our country/region, We attach importance to this and convey this perspective to our stakeholder suppliers. We try to create efficient purchasing opportunities with our suppliers and aim to reduce the environmental impacts arising from supply processes.

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