In our business, we protect the environment, prevent its pollution, and attach importance to its protection by reducing our negative effects on the environment. For this; • We comply with legal regulations and try to reduce our environmental impact. • We take care to effectively separate our waste according to its source, groups and hazard classes. • We know that using hazardous substances and chemicals only when necessary and as much as necessary will reduce both the negative effects on the environment and the amount of waste, • We contribute to protecting nature by choosing materials with "recycling" and "environmentally friendly" labels in the materials we purchase in our business. We try to create reuse opportunities, • We use disposable materials such as paper, napkins, toilet paper and packaging as much as necessary and take care to leave less waste to nature, • We store wastes correctly, in separate areas according to their characteristics, deliver them to licensed/authorized companies without exceeding the legal storage time limits, and keep their records, • We try to use water, energy and all natural resources economically. We share this sensitivity with our employees, guests and suppliers. • We measure our performance in environmental management, monitor this data with targets and try to improve our performance. • We aim to educate our employees about the environment and increase their awareness.

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